Book Cover for Autobiography

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D.S. McKinney has been called many things: a rebel, a conformist, a wife, a mother, an artist, a scientist, a conservative, a liberal, a professional, and an academic. She is President of her own design firm, McKinney Levine Studio, Inc. She earned a M.A. in Illustration from Syracuse University 1999 and earned a B.A. in Visual Communications from F.S.U.—much to the horror of her electrical engineer dad. Born in Florida, her family moved to New Jersey so her Dad could work at Bell Labs. When Telstar was being developed, work moved the family back to Florida to be close to Cape Canaveral. Deborah is good in math and science, thanks to her dad. She divorced a musician and has one, 26 year-old son. She currently resides in a beach house in Southeastern United States. She runs her own studio and teaches part-time at University of North Florida. She enjoys traditional painting and drawing as well as working with computer systems and other tools. She is founder and past-president of AIGA Jacksonville, the professional organization for design. She was awarded the Jefferson medal for outstanding public service for her work with the homeless. She is an environmentalist.

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