Mack Evans Blues Guitarist and Songwriter

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Thirty years ago having gone back stage to secure a signed napkin from John Lee Hooker during a break when he performed at a local dive named Apple Jacks, Mack and I have been friends ever since. It really was not much of a stage, more like a platform and back stage was more like a side room but after a couple of Heinekins, I just had to do something to show Mack my gratitude for taking me to such an awesome concert. I love the Blues ‘cuz I seem to be singing ’em all the time. Pawn Shop Guitar is Mack’s second album. Low Down is the first. Both are authentic forays into the Blues with wit and humor. Both are produced by Denny Leroux and Storm of the Century Music.  The vector illustration of Mack was a result of not being satisfied with the original concept photography. The producer then sent me an image of Mack with his wife while they were happily on vacation in Italy. Great image but too low a resolution for production… so I redrew it in Illustrator. Mack loved it and said, “It looks like the way I wish I really looked. It’s my Avatar.” Southern blues guitar artist, Mack Evans can be found on iTunes, CD Baby and his web site,


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