Make Waves

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Traveling from Jacksonville, Florida to San Francisco on my way to an AIGA National Design Conference in Seattle, Washington, the plane stopped in Chicago. The plane was full and I, at least was crammed in with a window seat. Down the aisle came a colorfully dressed character with a funny looking  hat. I thought, oh no, please don’t sit next to me. But, of course, he did. I had my computer and tried to busy myself with “work.” We struck up a conversation and it turns out he was a musician and had a non-profit org to help fight AIDS in Africa. I had no idea how I was going to get to my hotel once we landed in San Francisco and he said his business manager would meet us and take me where I needed to go. We struck up a wonderful relationship. They had offices in Paris and San Fran and ended up taking me to Nice for a music festival and Paris. Great fun!

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