Deborah S. McKinney, Creative director, Designer, Illustrator, Image maker, Problem Solver
Master of Arts degree from Syracuse University, with over 20 years experience in advertising, direct marketing, photography, sequential art, video production, illustration and graphic design. A creative spirit, sensitive to the user experience and gifted in information architecture for print and broadcast. Deborah excels at divining client needs and leading teams to viable and effective solutions. Download DSMcKinney_Resume  in PDF form.

Jonathan M. Levine, Director, Writer, Producer, Image maker
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors in writing for cinematic arts from University of Southern California, experienced in sequential art, cinematic production, graphic design and writing. Jonathan has several scripts being shopped and works with Larry King Now on Ora TV. We have produced a full-length film called, The Daughter  that had its World Premier at the International film festival WorldFest in Houston in 2013 and won a Platinum Remi for Best Thriller and nominated for Best Picture. Marian Sorensen won the Critic’s Choice Award for Best Actor.

Marian Sorensen, Public Relations, Actor, Writer, Producer, Problem Solver
Dual degree graduate from University of Southern California in theater and communications, skilled in crafting words suited for public awareness. Marian’s poise and skill as an actor, makes her the perfect spokesperson at client events.

Everyone else is contracted on a per project, as needed basis. We have a trusted group of experts in their chosen field of interest that we know we can rely on to help us perform the best for you.