“… I was glad to have her on my team… Her talent for creating evocative visual communication, coupled with her ability to manage multiple projects at once made her a valuable asset to our company.” —Tim Hamby, President, co-creative director, Renaissance Creative Services

“We are a commercial real estate company and we are constantly having to produce creative marketing content and presentations (including print, digital and social media) to attract and retain our clients. Deborah has been instrumental over the years in helping us create this content. She not only worked on one-off assignments, but helped in creating templates for presentations that we continue to use to this day.  As real estate brokers and developers we tend to be “analytical” types and it is very important that we have a marketing person who is not only creative but who can converse and extract the financial information from us and turn it into something visually appealing and informative. It takes a truly creative and patient individual to be success in this role. She had to balance numerous assignments from different brokers with different deadlines, and always did so with a smile on her face.  She is a talented and hard working person and I would highly recommend her for any position.”  —Keith Goldfaden, Vice-president, NAI Hallmark Partners and Hallmark Partners

“Deborah has done all of our art work for ads, logos, web design and marketing communications for the past 3 years. She is quick, effective, creative and responds well to our needs in every respect.  Deborah was able to effectively interpret our doodles and vague concepts and turn them into real art work that met our needs successfully using new methodology, new media and the latest techniques.  We recommend Deborah highly for any art position. We think she would be an excellent teacher of aspiring young artists, bringing to bear her real world experience and her innate talents as an artist.” —Ted Sorensen, P.A., Gunn Management

“I have worked with Deborah for the past four years, and I have the very highest regard for her creative mind, her artistic intuition, and her work ethic.  She can take a simple marketing or editorial idea of mine, and turn it into something special, attractive, comprehensive, clear and compelling.

Deborah’s talent for design problem-solving, her attention to detail and her commitment to building a successful marketing strategy for our publication has become a valuable addition to our team.  Indeed, in a time when print publications are going out of business left and right, I can reveal that her work on a recent direct mail campaign has made that campaign a success and helped us find hundreds of new subscribers, and therefore helped us stay in business.  I think this is the highest praise I can give; her worked helped my business stay alive.

Deborah also reads situations well; she listens carefully to others, values new approaches, anticipates problems before they arise and avoids them so they do not become barriers to the group’s common goal.  She is unselfish of her time, and reaches beyond the borders of her job description to get the job done.

Please feel free to contact me, if I can provide further information.  I feel Deborah McKinney is a truly gifted artist and designer, a visionary and a person who gives wholly of herself and inspires others with her intelligence, insights and enthusiasm.  I consider myself fortunate in having worked with her. ”  —Robert Moynihan, Ph.D., editor-in-chief and founder of Inside the Vatican magazine